Device Monitoring Studio - Monitor, log and analyze data coming through PC ports and connections
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Protocols List Tool Window

Protocols List Window

Protocols List tool window displays all loaded protocol files as well as list of protocols defined in them. At the root level, all installed modules are displayed, such as Serial, USB and Network. For each, files and protocols are displayed in corresponding groups. Double-click on the file to open this file in the editor. Double-click on the protocol to open its corresponding file and automatically navigate to protocol definition.

Unknown Files

Device Monitoring Studio automatically scans the protocol folder (%PROGRAMDATA%\HHD Software\Device Monitoring Studio x.xx) for protocol definition files. If it finds files not referenced by any protocol chain, it will include them into Unknown group. As soon as you plug your protocol definition to some of protocol chains, it will be moved into corresponding group.

You may delete any file in the Unknown group by using the Tools » Protocol Editor » Delete File command.