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Device Monitoring Studio allows getting a reference to a field by using the built-in function ref. The following operators are allowed for two references:

If one argument of a binary operator is a reference and another one is not, a reference is automatically dereferenced and then the normal operator rules apply.

In addition, a reference may be dereferenced using one of the built-in conversion functions.


The result of ref function application may not be used with [] operator and . operator. Assign the result of the function to the local variable and use the variable instead:

struct A
    struct { int a,b; } field;
    var t1 = ref(field).a;    // syntax error
    var r_field = ref(field);
    var t2 = r_field.a;       // OK
    int array[100];
    var t3 = ref(array)[50];  // syntax error
    var r_array = ref(array);
    var t4 = r_array[50];     // OK