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An expression may contain an immediate value. There are several ways to specify an immediate:

Integer Number

A signed or unsigned integer number may be specified in either base 10 or base 16:

9    // integer number 9
-7   // integer number -7
0x5a // integer number 90

Floating-Point Number

A floating-point number is specified in either standard or scientific notation:

2.3    // floating-point number 2.3
-4e-9  // floating-point number -0.000000004

Character Constants

A character constant is one, two or four symbols enclosed in single quotation marks:

'c'      // integer number 99
'BM'     // integer number 19778
'NTFS'   // integer number 1397118030

A standard C escape character may be used inside the quotation marks:

'\n'   // integer number 10
'\t'   // integer number 9

String Constants

String constants are only allowed in $assert directive and in $print directive. A sequence of characters (including escape characters) enclosed in double quotation marks. Several subsequent strings are automatically concatenated.

"Hello, World!"               // "Hello, World!" string
"Hello, " "World!"            // the same "Hello, World!" string (automatically concatenated)
"Col1\tCol2\tCol3\n1\t2\t3"   // simple table with two rows and three columns