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Write Multiple Coils Rollout

This rollout is used to configure Write Multiple Coils function parameters. It consists of Starting Address field, Number of Coils field and a list of coils. Coil is a boolean value.


Below are the steps you need to perform to configure the Write Multiple Coils function parameters properly.

  1. Enter the starting address value in the Starting Address edit box. Starting Address is a value between 0 and 65535.
  2. Enter the number of coils into the Number Of Coils edit box. See the items in the list added or removed.
  3. Check the items (coils) you want to set into TRUE state. Un-check items to set them into the FALSE state.

The context menu offers you the following functions:

Check All
Puts all added coils to the TRUE state.
Uncheck All
Puts all added coils to the FALSE state.
Invert All
Inverts the state of all coils.