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Result Rollout

Result rollout is intended to help you analyze the packet before you send it. The rollout is hidden by default, but you can open it by clicking on its name. Result rollout includes read-only text control and Total Length control. When you modify MODBUS function parameters, Result rollout automatically reflects the changes. It is very helpful for MODBUS protocol exploration.

The values are displayed in Result rollout in hex format grouped as single bytes. For example, the 255 value is represented as FF.

Note that the Result rollout displays empty data if invalid or incomplete values are specified for one of the function parameters.

As long as MODBUS packet is limited in size, the Result rollout displays maximum 252 bytes of data (as defined in MODBUS protocol documentation). First special leading byte is not displayed in Result rollout, so the maximum size of data in this case is 253.


The result is displayed in binary form (it is not converted to ASCII) without leading “:” character in ASCII mode.

The context menu offers you the following functions:

Save to binary file
Binary file is a non-text file with a bin extension. The data is written in the binary format. For example, the DD AA B5 (3 bytes) sequence displayed in result pane will result in bytes 0xDD, 0xAA and 0xB5 written into the output file. The resulting file can subsequently be used by some other application for additional processing.
Save to file
Saves the contents of the Result rollout to the ASCII-encoded text file. The file then can be opened in any text editor or used by some other application.
Copies the contents of the Result rollout to the Clipboard in text format.