DupeCare - Automatic Data Deduplication Software for Windows
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UI Configuration Utility

DupeCare configuration utility provides a simple way to control de-duplicated folders.

UI Configuration Utility

The window shows the list of de-duplicated folders is displayed. Select the folder to issue a command.


Add new deduplicated folder. You can add both empty and non-empty folders. If non-empty folder is added, it is converted to deduplicated folder. By default, conversion does not modify any existing files and DupeCare offers you to launch an optimization task immediately after conversion.
Start an optimization operation. This will scan for new files and folders, de-duplicate and compress their contents and delete the original file data. When operation completes, operation statistics as well as current storage statistics is displayed.
Start a recover operation. This will scan for recently deleted files or folders and un-deletes them. Note that it is impossible to recover if optimization operation has already been executed. When operation completes, the total number of restored files and folders is displayed.
Delete a de-duplicated folder. If deduplicated folder is not empty, you are required to confirm the operation. This operation cannot be undone.