DupeCare - Automatic Data Deduplication Software for Windows
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HHD Software DupeCare is a file and folder deduplication and compression utility. If you ever find yourself storing a large amount of more or less similar files and worry about all that wasted disk space, this product is for you!


The product unique features are:


At the same time, it is important to note that HHD Software DupeCare is NOT:

  • A backup software. Deduplicated data is stored on the same volume and cannot be considered a safe backup. Always use backup for sensitive data. Backup may be effectively configured for deduplicated folders using OS features or third-party backup software products.
  • Data compression software. Depending on the nature of stored data, the effective compression ratio may not be as good as offered by the best compression utilities. Nevertheless, when files with a large number of duplicated content are stored, HHD Software DupeCare may show orders of magnitude better compression ratio while working much faster than compression software.

System Requirements

HHD Software DupeCare requires 64-bit Windows 10 (version 1809 or later) or Windows 11. x86-64 and ARM64 CPUs are supported.

Deduplicated folder must reside on NTFS or ReFS formatted volume.

Best Practices

What kind of files are the best candidates to be put into the deduplicated folder?

What kind of files are not the good candidates to be put into the deduplicated folder?