DupeCare - Automatic Data Deduplication Software for Windows
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HHD Software DupeCare product can be installed on a target computer or used as a portable utility. It supports several modes of operation, described below.

Running as Windows Service (Default)

HHD Software DupeCare installer automatically installs the product in this mode.

A Windows Service (dedup.service.exe) is installed on the computer. It controls instances of deduplicated folder servers (running as separate dedup.exe processes).

UI Configuration Utility is used to control the service. It allows you to create new deduplicated folders, delete existing ones as well as control the running servers.

Portable Usage

HHD Software DupeCare may be run “on-demand”, as a stand-alone server. In this mode it is controlled using the command-line parameters and provides folder deduplication only while the server process is running.

Command-line utility may also be used to control any running deduplicated folder, whether it is controlled by a running service or a stand-alone server.