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IDeviceCollection Interface

This interface is implemented by the device collection object.


interface IDeviceCollection extends ${IDispatch} {
    // Properties
    ${Count}: number;
    [${Item}: number]: ${IDevice};
public interface IDeviceCollection : ${IDispatch}
    // Properties
    int ${Count} { get; set; }
    ${IDevice} ${Item}[int Index] { get; set; }
struct IDeviceCollection : IDispatch
    // Properties
    long ${Count};  // get set 
    ${IDevicePtr#IDevice} ${Item}(_variant_t Index);  // get set 

IDeviceCollection Properties


Count: number;
int Count { get; set; }
long Count;  // get set 

Returns the number of devices in the collection.


[Item: number]: ${IDevice};
${IDevice} Item[int Index] { get; set; }
${IDevicePtr#IDevice} Item(_variant_t Index);  // get set 

Returns the device from the collection. Index must be an integer number. In most languages, this method may be called using the array indexing operator.