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IConnectionCollection Interface

This interface is implemented by the connection collection object.


interface IConnectionCollection extends ${IDispatch} {
    // Properties
    ${Count}: number;
    [${Item}: number]: ${IConnection};
public interface IConnectionCollection : ${IDispatch}
    // Properties
    int ${Count} { get; set; }
    ${IConnection} ${Item}[int Index] { get; set; }
struct IConnectionCollection : IDispatch
    // Properties
    long ${Count};  // get set 
    ${IConnectionPtr#IConnection} ${Item}(_variant_t Index);  // get set 

IConnectionCollection Properties


Count: number;
int Count { get; set; }
long Count;  // get set 

Returns the number of connections in the collection.


[Item: number]: ${IConnection};
${IConnection} Item[int Index] { get; set; }
${IConnectionPtr#IConnection} Item(_variant_t Index);  // get set 

Returns the connection from the collection. Index must be an integer number. In most languages, this method may be called using the array indexing operator.

Obtaining the last connection:

$dms = New-Object -ComObject 'dmssrv.MonitoringSite'
$connections = $dms.Connections
$connection = $connections[0]