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IConnection Interface

This interface is implemented by the connection object. Use it to control the individual client connection.


interface IConnection extends ${IDispatch} {
    // Properties
    readonly ${Client64}: boolean;
    readonly ${Id}: number;
    readonly ${ProcessId}: number;
    readonly ${SessionId}: number;
    readonly ${Sessions}: ${ISessionCollection};
    readonly ${Source}: string;
    readonly ${Status}: ConnectionStatus;
    readonly ${UserName}: string;

    // Methods
    ${Drop}(): void;
    ${DropAllSessions}(): void;
    ${SendCustomMessage}(message: string): void;
public interface IConnection : ${IDispatch}
    // Properties
    bool ${Client64} { get; }
    ulong ${Id} { get; }
    uint ${ProcessId} { get; }
    uint ${SessionId} { get; }
    ${ISessionCollection} ${Sessions} { get; }
    string ${Source} { get; }
    ConnectionStatus ${Status} { get; }
    string ${UserName} { get; }

    // Methods
    void ${Drop}();
    void ${DropAllSessions}();
    void ${SendCustomMessage}(string message);
struct IConnection : IDispatch
    // Properties
    VARIANT_BOOL ${Client64};  // get 
    unsigned __int64 ${Id};  // get 
    unsigned long ${ProcessId};  // get 
    unsigned long ${SessionId};  // get 
    ${ISessionCollectionPtr#ISessionCollection} ${Sessions};  // get 
    _bstr_t ${Source};  // get 
    ConnectionStatus ${Status};  // get 
    _bstr_t ${UserName};  // get 

    // Methods
    HRESULT ${Drop}();
    HRESULT ${DropAllSessions}();
    HRESULT ${SendCustomMessage}(_bstr_t message);

IConnection Properties


readonly Client64: boolean;
bool Client64 { get; }
VARIANT_BOOL Client64;  // get 

This property holds true if the client is running a 64-bit operating system and false otherwise.


readonly Id: number;
ulong Id { get; }
unsigned __int64 Id;  // get 

This property holds a unique identifier of a connection. This identifier is guaranteed to be unique for this server only.


readonly ProcessId: number;
uint ProcessId { get; }
unsigned long ProcessId;  // get 

This property holds a process id of the user who established a connection.


readonly SessionId: number;
uint SessionId { get; }
unsigned long SessionId;  // get 

This property holds a session id of the user who established a connection.


readonly Sessions: ${ISessionCollection};
${ISessionCollection} Sessions { get; }
${ISessionCollectionPtr#ISessionCollection} Sessions;  // get 

Returns a collection of all connected sessions.


readonly Source: string;
string Source { get; }
_bstr_t Source;  // get 

This property returns the computer name a connection originates from.


readonly Status: ConnectionStatus;
ConnectionStatus Status { get; }
ConnectionStatus Status;  // get 

Returns a connection status. One of the following values is returned:

ClientDisconnected0Client has already been disconnected and connection is closed. Connections are never re-used.
ClientConnected1Client is connected.


readonly UserName: string;
string UserName { get; }
_bstr_t UserName;  // get 

This property holds a user name of the user that established a connection.

IConnection Methods


Drop(): void;
void Drop();

Drops the current connection and all its monitoring sessions.


DropAllSessions(): void;
void DropAllSessions();
HRESULT DropAllSessions();

Forcibly closes all active monitoring sessions for this connection.


SendCustomMessage(message: string): void;
void SendCustomMessage(string message);
HRESULT SendCustomMessage(_bstr_t message);
A text message to send.

This method sends a supplied text message to the client. A client will see this message in a pop-up window. An administrator may use this method to warn clients of the forthcoming server shutdown or session drop, for example.

Warning the user of the forthcoming shutdown.

$conn.SendCustomMessage('Prepare for disconnect. We are about to restart a server.')