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Device Monitoring Studio Server is distributed as stand-alone installer and may be installed on any supported version of Windows operating system.

A server may be installed on the same computer where the Device Monitoring Studio client is installed (in this case the versions of DMS Client and DMS Server must match). Although, it is not recommended to use remote connection to monitor local devices, as performance will be worse.

After installation, a server is immediately running (unless a restart is required to complete driver installation). Server does not require any user to log in, as it is installed as Windows Service. When running, a server is ready to accept connections, subject to current security settings.

Default security configuration accepts a connection from members of Everyone security group. That means that any user is allowed to connect and monitor any supported device.

Note that this will also include anonymous users, but ONLY when the server computer is configured to accept anonymous logon.

It is recommended for a server administrator to launch the administration utility immediately after installation to change the default security configuration.